Управление на отпадъците чрез оползотворяване на органичното им вещество и като източник на енергия - преминаване на установените отраслови граници

Захаринов, Ботьо (2012) Управление на отпадъците чрез оползотворяване на органичното им вещество и като източник на енергия - преминаване на установените отраслови граници. In: Сборник с доклади от трета годишна научна конференция "Екологизация - 2011" : I. Секция Екология и екологизация. Нов български университет, София, pp. 8-15. ISBN 9789545353570

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The water treatment plants’ slime presents an ecological problem for the environment with regard to its generation, storage and exploitation. The Regulation specifies the order and the manner of slime utilization through their use in agriculture in a way that guarantees the protection of human health, the environment and the soil. According to data provided by the Ministry of environment and waters the total quantity of slime produced by the City waste water treatment plants in 2009 is 294 321,52 tons, of which 13 284 tons of hazardous slime and 281 037,52 tons non-dangerous. The utilization of slime through its usage in the agriculture is an economically effective and eco-friendly method. Using this method decreases the funds for subsequent treatment of the slime and at the same time slime utilization contributes for the rehabilitation and improvement of the productive qualities of the land. In accordance with EU directives OXALOR technology has been developed I France, for a controlled chemical stabilization of untreated household waste, city waste water treatment plants, manure from animal farms, and green waste from parks and waste products from food industry. There is another type of biomass which we are not used to treat as an energy source – this is the waste biomass derived from household waste water treatment plants’ slime.

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Additional Information:TITLE: Waste to energy conversion and biomass recycling as a way of waste management. Compliance with the industrial regulatory norms, AUTHOR: Botio Zaharinov
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