Анализ на производството на дървесина от Държавния горски фонд през 2003 год. по начини на ползване и видове процедури

Тричков, Любчо and Хаджиева, Ваня (2004) Анализ на производството на дървесина от Държавния горски фонд през 2003 год. по начини на ползване и видове процедури. Управление и устойчиво развитие : Общество, човек, природа = Management & Sustainable Development, 10 (1/2). pp. 110-119. ISSN 1311-4506

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ABSTRACT: Bulgarian forest is national wealth and its protection must be a nation's care. The main responsibility for its conservation and sustainable multifunctional management however is in the hands of specialists, directly engaged with rule, management and utilization processes.
At the present stage, the wood output and realization by the State Forest Fund/SFF/ provide about and over 75% of the NFB funds for the forest sector development. Acknowledging the fact that Bulgaria is a country with working market economy requires the forest use and logging planning to become a market principle in the very phase of activities designed in the Forest Management Plans/FMP/ and to continue setting the annual forest-logging fund. The structure of foreseen wood utilization except FMP foresights, subordinated to silvicultural and economic-organizational principle, have to be subordinated and to the real market demand, i.e. to the inner consumption and wood export. That's why the periodic and the systemly running wood production and realization statistics and analyses are really significant. According to brief analysis of FMP foresights, SFF's round wood production and realization work schedules and reports, generally and legislatively regulated wood utilization ways in 2003, the purpose of this summary is to be defined relevant conclusions and recommendations for its positive and negative sides. РЕЗЮМЕ: Направен е анализ на производството и реализацията на дървесината през 2003 година от Държавния горски фонд(ДГФ), общо за страната и по основните нормативно определени начини на ползване. Изведени са съответните изводи и заключения и са очертани конкретни препоръки.

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Additional Information:TITLE: State forest fund's wood production analysis in 2003 according to utilization ways and types of procedures AUTHORS: Lyubcho Trichkov, Vanya Hadjieva
Uncontrolled Keywords:Ползване на дървесина, производство и реализация на дървесина, нормативно определени начини на ползване, приходи от реализация на дървесина, Forest use, timber harvest and realization, legislatively regulated forest use methods, timber realization incomes, stumpage sales, temporary timber yard sells;
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