Еволюция на организационно-структурните модели в управлението

Хаджиев, Кристиян (2018) Еволюция на организационно-структурните модели в управлението. In: Власт, управление и обществено развитие : Глобални, регионални и национални перспективи : Международна научно-​практическа конференция, 7 юни 2017 = Authority, governance and societal development : Global, regional and national perspectives : Internation. Нов български университет, София, pp. 148-160. ISBN 9786192330071

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The report’s objects of analysis is the traditional (classical and hybrid) organizational structures. The focus is on the evolution and transformation of organizational models in a high uncertainty environment. The functional, the divisional, the design-matrix structures and the new network organizational forms has been explored. The conclusion is that in a turbulent VUCA environment and constant pressure for change it is impossible to achieve a competitive advantage in a static organizational structure.
The main characteristics, respectively the strengths and weaknesses of the functional, the divisional, the matrix and the network structure, are analyzed based on seven key criteria - the efficiency, adaptability, timeliness, reliability, accountability, adequate external environment and strategy. The research models synthesize different solutions applied in social practice. The organizational form does not guarantee high results at any cost, but it is a necessary means to ensure the realization of strategic corporate goals, to shape cultural attitudes, the motivation process, the rational use of resources, and the adequacy of change. The main thesis of the author is that in terms of specific research and applications of the organizational structure, there are processes of evolution of concepts and a reassessment of common accepted truths and accumulated knowledge.
Key words: functional hierarchy, divisional and project structure, coordinated balanced and secondary matrix structures, new organizational forms - network organizational structure.

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Additional Information:TITLE: Evolution of organizational-structural models in management AUTHOR: Kristian Stoyanov HADJIEV, ass. Professor, NBU, khadjiev@nbu.bg
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