Култ и религия в древна Фригия: Проблеми на проучванията

Василева, Майя (2016) Култ и религия в древна Фригия: Проблеми на проучванията. In: Societas classica: култури и религии на Балканите, в Средиземноморието и Изтока. Унив. изд. "Св. Св. Кирил и Методий", Велико Търново, pp. 487-499. ISBN 978-619-208-060-0

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The present paper aims at summarizing some of the controversial and disputable questions referring to the cult and religion in ancient Phrygia. The goddess known to the Greeks as Kybele seems to be the sole supreme divinity of the Phrygians. In the Old Phrygian inscriptions she was addressed as Mother (Matar Meter), sometimes accompanied by different epithets. One such an epithet was Kubeleya/Kubileya which gave rise to the Greek theonym. Recently, a suggestion was made that there was also an anonyrnous male god, addressed as Father (Ates, Ata and derivatives meaning "father"). However, Ates in all but one case was the dedicator of the inscription and not the object of worship. Iconographic evidence is neither sufficient for such a theory. The problem of the 'double' rock-cut thrones and idols is also discussed. The author believes that the second seat was most probably reserved for the Phrygian king next to the Goddess during certain festivals. Recent epigraphic and onomastic data is considered regarding possible evidence about higher officials or priests in Phrygia. One of them could have had a major role in the royal Phrygian funeral. In discussing current scholarly views the author suggests that what the Phrygians inherited from the Hittite world is still poorly understood. Instead, a few parallels with Thracian ritual practices are proposed.

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