Ethnic constructs in Bulgarian antiquity : Ideological scapes, national imagination, branding images

Lazova, Tsvete (2020) Ethnic constructs in Bulgarian antiquity : Ideological scapes, national imagination, branding images. Lap Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN 9786200785251

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This book analyzes the process of producing knowledge about Thracian antiquity in Bulgaria as integral part of ethnic genealogy of the Bulgarians. It explores the relationship of constructing ethnicity and cultural nationalism as agency in the processes of creating and constantly recasting the validity of ethnic constructs in academic settings active in creating national branding supplying the national imagination with iconic images. It examines in a longue durée perspective with the “eye of anthropology” the nature and the conditions of functioning of culture history paradigms producing ethnic constructs in different ideological settings. Neglecting the potentials of contemporary reflexive studies the processes of branding of ancient images produce the aura of "authentic" heritage in the national imagination supplying the tourist market with exciting products. Once produced the moral authority of a sacred national resource and the currency of the symbolic capital of antiquity it becomes open to conflicting interpretations from “outside”. Is it convertible to the international academic environment or does it remain an element of the national charter myth with its symbolic power.

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