Икономика на публичния сектор – лекционен курс

Маринов, Едуард (2017) Икономика на публичния сектор – лекционен курс. ЕВМ, София. ISBN 9786199056837

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A textbook on public economics. The Handbook on Public Sector Economics provides knowledge of analytical approaches and methods for assessing and optimizing the role of the state in the functioning of the economy. The book has two main goals. First of all, to present systematic knowledge of the basic concepts and basic ideas through which modern economic theory explains the role, organization and results of public sector activities in the market economy. Secondly, the course analyzes the applicability of modern methods and tools for evaluating and optimizing decisions in the field of public activities. In order to achieve the set goals, the emphasis is on the economic role of the state in the market economy, the peculiarities of the production and supply of public goods, the mechanisms of public choice. Special attention is paid to the statements of the economic theory of welfare and an analysis is made of the activities and limitations of the welfare state. The book also covers issues related to various aspects of public spending theory, methods for assessing the effectiveness of government spending programs, social and economic effects of taxation. Attention is paid to modern forms of organization and management of the public sector. Certainly, the content of the textbook lacks certain areas in which the actions of the state in the economic sphere are significant. Precisely because of the desire to avoid the claim of completeness for the textbook, the title "lecture course" was chosen. The aim of the author is rather to introduce readers to the subject and provide the conceptual and methodological apparatus, which would allow them to further independently get acquainted in depth with specific topics of interest to them in the field of public sector economics.

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