Правна уредба на договора за факторинг съгласно българското законодателство

Димитрова, Емилия (2006) Правна уредба на договора за факторинг съгласно българското законодателство. Търговско право (5). pp. 53-79. ISSN 0861-6892

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This article deals with the parties to the factor contract – the supplier and the factor. The rights and the obligations of the parties are surveyed. The questions concerning the object of the factoring contract are later discussed.
Some proposals for the amendment of the law of the factoring contract are made. The aim is to emphasize the most important characteristics of this contract, namely: First of all: the factoring contract is a continuing arrangement between a specialized financial institution and a supplier selling goods or providing services to trade customers on regular open account terms. Secondly, the contract involves the transfer of substantially all of the supplier’s debts. Thirdly, the purpose of this transfer is to provide one or more of the following services: finance, credit protection, maintenance of accounts (ledgering) to and collection of the receivables.

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