Вътрешноорганизационни комуникации в България и политика на Европейския съюз : Автореферат на дисертация за присъждане на образователната и научна степен "доктор"

Христова, Евелина (2011) Вътрешноорганизационни комуникации в България и политика на Европейския съюз : Автореферат на дисертация за присъждане на образователната и научна степен "доктор". PhD thesis, Нов български университет.

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This Doctorate Degree Thesis addresses the subject of “Internal Communications in Organizations in Bulgaria and Policies of the European Union (EU)”. It was developed within the the scientific plans of the Department for Mass Communications of the New Bulgarian University at Sofia.
The Paper contains 257 pages, a list of referred literature, as well as four Attachments and this Annotation. An Autoreferate is available, along with publications and records of participation of the Author in scientific Forums related to the topic of the Thesis.
The choice of the subject was motivated by the increasing importance of the problem following Bulgaria’s accession to the EU on 01 January 2007. It had been identified that no other scientific research has been initiated in this respect in the country. Similar problems, of course, are facing the other new EU states.
The research critically and objectively assesses the actual state-of-affairs and comes up with recommendations for solutions and improvements.
The Author has structured the Paper in four Parts with 12 Chapters.
Part I named Policies of the European Union and Internal Communications of the Organizations highlights EU policies and their relevance to internal organizational communications. All Directives constituting the EU regulatory framework are analyzed.
Part II titled Communications and Organizations presents a thorough highly professional research based overview of the main communications’ theories and communication strategies’ models.
Part III under the name of Internal Organizational Communications presents an impressive analyzes of use and efficiency of communication massages, audiences, instruments, channels, and tactics.
Part IV focuses on Researching the Functioning of the Internal Communications in Bulgaria and shows how companies and organizations actually go about their internal communications. The data derived from the empirical research have brought added value to the construction by the Author of a framework model in three modifications for efficient internal communication represented in the last Chapter 12.
Contributions of the Paper include:
1. The Thesis is an original scientific research on the subject of Internal Communications in Organizations in Bulgaria and the Policies of the EU addressing for the first time the subject in a meaningful way affirming the significance of the theme.
2. The Thesis proves that the regulation of communications is not indicative of limitations, but rather brings to the extension of the areas in which human rights are being respected – rights that constitute the basis of the existence of the EU.
3. The Paper is estimated as a timely practical hand-book that is made available to managers and professionals in this field.
4. The internal organizational communications state-of-affairs in Bulgaria is highlighted with relevant examples for orientation of the interested professionals and actors.
5. The Thesis provides with a modern methodology for a field research with clearly targeted audiences, fully applicable to support organizations in conducting self assessments as a starting point towards developing their own communication strategies.
6. The Paper contains an original concept for a new framework model of efficient internal communications presented in three inter-linked dimensions – linear, spherical and pyramidal with mosaic effect, as fine tools for improving the internal communications’ functions at any level.
By way of summarizing, the Thesis introduces amazing clarity in how serious the challenges facing Bulgarian organizations are, if they are to keep pace with European requirements and standards in organizing themselves to meet their internal and external publics’ expectations.
The Thesis presents a vision for the future laying the ground for new attempts for evaluation of the state and dynamics of internal organizational communications from the European perspective.
Serious interest in the subject has already been recorded by top managers interviewed during the research and by Public relations, Communicationsq Human resourses and other professionals that have responded during the specially profiled online survey.
The Author has received valuable guidance by the Tuitor, Prof. Dr. Tolya Stoitsova, and by the Department for Mass Communications at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia.

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