3D в графичния дизайн

Будаков, Петьо В. (2012) 3D в графичния дизайн. PhD thesis, Нов български университет.

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The main mission on my dissertation is to make a deeply research from the birth of 3D by now, focused on it is development and improvement in the modern graphic area. It outlines improving the quality and productivity of the current 3D graphic products. It describes the trends in area of graphic designs, and various ways of applying 3D.
This dissertation consists four main chapters.
The first chapter describes the History of the 3D graphics, it describes the birth of the basic elements and it transforms in the primitives 3D forms. It was made a short summarize of the applying of 3D in the area of industrial press and in the computer graphics.
The second chapter presents innovative 3D software decision which can provide better results than the traditional ones. It outlines a chronological review of the abilities which they could provide. It is made a deeply analysis and parallel between each other. Furthermore, at the end of this chapter there is a conclusion and recommendations.
The third chapter presents illustrated different applications of 3D in the graphic design. It explains the problem of the rapid and efficient using of 3D in the modern web area. It is focused on the psychological influence and results in the customers which 3D forms could be made. Hence, it is made a detailed research about the influence of 3D color transforming and the emphasis of the shapes in the web environment .It describes the following problems:

- Visual architecture
- Stereoscopic photography
- Creating of 3D scene
- Application of 3D in internet
- Problems in the 3D web environment
- Application of 3D in the space design
- Application of 3D in the cinema and TV
- Trends and innovative decision in the modern virtual studios.
- 3D images with light – holograms

The forth chapter determines the authors personal implementations. It describes their applying and parallel between them and existing ones. It is focused on the practical relevant using of this innovation author’s decisions and how they should provide more efficient results, and hence - higher ratios of productivity. It was tested in the real environment by my advertising company.

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