Колыбель в традиционном болгарском жилище XV-XIX вв.

Лозанова, Саша and Воденова, Павлина (2013) Колыбель в традиционном болгарском жилище XV-XIX вв. In: Дизайн - искусство - промышленность : международный сборник научных трудов. б. и., Челябинск, pp. 25-31. ISBN 9785990422919

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In the traditional Bulgarian home, the cradle is the only object that is used from the birth of the baby until the child's relative integration in the adult world. Two main types of cradles have been preserved until the present time, which are easily recognizable in terms of their appearance and shape, function, material, design, and adornments. We could define these two types as “village” and “town” cradles. The text studies examples of such specimens: images in church art and exhibits in museum collections from the period under review. The analysis pays special attention on the cradles' being a specific part of the female space in the home. The analysed cradles are represented in different shapes and appearance, functions and modes of use. Similar to other objects from the past, the cradle is an interesting object for scholars from different disciplines: ethnographers, ethnologists, art critics and designers. Special emphasis is paid on the simplicity, elegance, mobility, and easy adaptability to different functions and needs of the analysed Balkan specimens.

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Additional Information:TITLE: The Baby Cradle in the Traditional Bulgarian Home: The 15th-19th Century, AUTHORS: Sasha Lozanova, Pavlina Vodenova
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