Sustainable development of product design in residential interior

Anev, Svetoslav (2013) Sustainable development of product design in residential interior. Conference Proceedings of the Third International European Polytechnical University ESI'2013. pp. 95-99. ISSN 1314-5711

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Sustainable development is a growth model, which aims to use resources to satisfy human needs, while protecting the environment. Model for sustainable development aims at not only used in the present, but with an eye to future generations. When it is bound to a concern about the capacity of natural systems with the social challenges facing humanity. Sustainable development can be conceptually divided into three main components: environmental sustainability, economic sustainability and sociopolitical sustainability.
Products with energy saving features can help to stop the unnecessary spending of energy, as well as helping to reduce overhead costs of housing.
Consistently developed in recent years, the approach has been officially recognized as a very effective way, focusing on environmental problems in the manufacture of the product during the life cycle: from resources used in production through the use and marketing strategy to dispose of waste.
The basis of the approach is the search for environmentally friendly products that are closely linked with the option of recyclability and production of environmentally friendly materials.
Sustainable production is closely related to balancing economic, environmental, ethical and social factors in creating a product wich is a design of the product. The creation of a stable product (sustainable design) is directly related to quality of life and reduce energy use and resources.
Residential consumers are one of the largest energy consumers and producers of hothouse gases. The use of eco-design in the modern residential interior and its application in the manufacture of individual products is a priority for more and more manufacturers.

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