Acts of Administrative Assurance: Nature and Effects

Mladenov, Mladen (2018) Acts of Administrative Assurance: Nature and Effects. Italian Journal of Public Law, 2 (2). pp. 394-419. ISSN 2239-8279

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The article has a modest task to describe in a general context the idea, nature, existence and effects of the legal institution of Acts of Administrative Assurance (AAA). The text is structured into six parts. The present first is the introductory one – with a broad view on the assurance as an institutional social phenomenon. The second one leans on the Principle of Legitimate Expectation as a basic principle for the entire European legal area. The third one examines the extant examples of typical Act of Administrative Assurance in the national legislations within Europe, respectively – the fourth one considers atypical forms of AAA. Both typical and atypical existence of AAA are analyzed in their legislative aspects; nevertheless judicial practice and legal doctrine are also used in the argumentation. The fifth part of this work is based on de lege ferenda issues – proposals for future legislative approaches. And the last sixth part locks the expose with the logical conclusions in consequences of the developed thesis.

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