Кратките комиксови сюжети на младите от "Ко-миксер"

Попова, Невелина (2015) Кратките комиксови сюжети на младите от "Ко-миксер". Проблеми на изкуството (1). pp. 22-28. ISSN 0032-9371

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The paper treats the subjects of the short comics by the young artists, members of the Co-mixer group. The authors and the manners in the five editions of the journal are different. Each of the editions is themed: communication, second-hand (goods andthoughts), faults, noise and traffic. Even though they are very different, all these young people seek in comics their own alternative domain of expression. Co-mixer was founded and had gained reputation as a subjective and private domain of quick and spontaneous response by the young authors. Their artworks could hardly class with the established comic genres such as graphic novels, comic strips in periodicals, comic-book novels, fantastic or historical comics. The conventions of the classical story proved to be inadequate to the quests of the young artists. The subjects they are interested in with their distinct subjectivity lead them to the gateway
to poetry. That is why in more general classifications, the short graphical stories of Co-mixer fit in the larger and flexible group of the alternative comics. The article seeks to establish parallels with drama and the media of expression in animated shorts. Short comics and animated shorts are thetwo alternative options for a short plastic story. The young artists are equally successful in handling the languages of both different though akin arts. To them, comics are a wonderful alternative to the laborious and long technological process in animation, which does not necessarily mean that they compromise on aesthetics.

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