Преглед на съвременните антропометрични проучвания

Попова-Недялкова, Незабравка (2011) Преглед на съвременните антропометрични проучвания. Международна научна конференция "УНИТЕХ`11" Габрово , 18-19.11.2011 г. : Сборник доклади, II. pp. 296-299. ISSN 1313-230X

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The human figure and its proportions have been an object of interest and research over the centuries. Anthropometry is a science quality defining the human figure. Its name derives from the words ‘anthropos’ meaning ‘man’, and ‘metrikos’ meaning ‘related to measure’. Classical anthropometric data provide information about the static measurements of the human body. Therefore, these data represent the basis, on which the standards for garment sizes are established. Most countries carry out their own national anthropometric researches which result in establishing a set of height and measures scales with measurement data for different population groups. Making a garment which is comfortable to wear and fits the customer’s figure, is directly dependable of measures or data from the measurement scales used in garment construction. Alongside with science and technologies development, the laser scanners appear. They represent a new stage in the anthropometry development and open new horizons in front of fashion industry. The aim of this study is to examine some of the largest national and international anthropometric studies, related to textile industry and using laser scanning technologies in the measurements of the human figure.

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Additional Information:TITLE: Survey of Contemporary Anthropometric Research AUTHOR: Nezabravka Popova-Nedyalkova IN: International Scientific Conference "UNITECH‘11", Gabrovo, 18-19.11.2011 : Proceedings,Vol. II, Gabrovo, 2011.
Uncontrolled Keywords:Measurements, anthropometric research, 3D body scanning.
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