Графити – кратка история на развитието им у нас (1989-2005)

Янева, Анна (2011) Графити – кратка история на развитието им у нас (1989-2005). Докторантски четения 2010-2011 : Департамент История на културата. pp. 101-112. ISSN 1313-4094

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Graffiti – this already not so newest way of expression has been known since Ancient times – they have been attested in Greece and the Roman Empire. In contemporary epoch this so called “scratching” is accepted most of all with the negative aspects of vandalism: “visual contamination”, voice-suppression, mutilation, etc. But graffiti do not
imply only this. Mystery of the “lonely runner”, the anonymity of the readable only for “selected” signs and of the encoded creative language, and, last but not least, the opportunity for free creative expression are attractive to young groups in our country. The article discusses the etymology and the entering of graffiti art in Bulgaria after the political changes in 1989. It outlines the different periods through the eyes of graffiti “Writers” in the country, agreed to unveil some of the mysteries of this dynamic art. Normally for these artists is to lead a dual life: one of students, artists or people with a profession, with names on personal documents and another one of the “midnight lone-wolf,” with a spray in hand – known in circles with their so-called graffiti – tag (signatures). By all means the interviewed graffitists have yet rejected to say their true names. The article discusses the relationship of dance with graffiti, the common
ways of work and some famous groups in the country. Interesting though is the rapid transition of this kind of “illegal” practice into the publicity accepted art and even into fashion events in Bulgaria. Young people today are showing great interest in graffiti, some of them
traveling frequently and participating in festivals. NBU is the first university in the country which, at the initiative of the students has already organized several graffiti competitions and a festival with a number of participants. Changes in graffiti are very dynamic, they are
quickly assimilated by popular culture becoming part of it. Emerging as a rebellious art graffiti art is about to be “tamed” by industry.

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