Реторика на образа: аргументативен потенциал на фотографията.

Игнатов, Владимир (2009) Реторика на образа: аргументативен потенциал на фотографията. Езиков свят. ORBIS LINGUARUM, 7 (2). pp. 273-278. ISSN 1312-0484

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The main topic of this paper is argumentative possibilities of photography and the main question is: what are the semiotic characteristics of the photographic image due to which it is possible to use photography as an argument?
Photography was described by Peirce and Barthes as an indexical and iconic sign. Photography is also a product of technology. That`s why it is an undoubted testimony about a particular case. This permits to use photography as an example, example-illustration, model and precedent in terms of New rhetoric of Chaim Perelman.
Photography can be a part of ostensive definition and also be a premise in different entimemes (in print advertisements for example).

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