Новият рай - Небесният / Новият Ерусалим. "Старият" [шеòл]и "новият" ([гей-(х)инòм]) ад

Алмалех, Мони (2004) Новият рай - Небесният / Новият Ерусалим. "Старият" [шеòл]и "новият" ([гей-(х)инòм]) ад. Съпоставително езикознание, XXIX (1). pp. 36-55. ISSN 0204-8701

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The study reveals (on a contrastive material Hebrew – Indo-European Languages) the linguistic and the cultural standards of the Old Testament’ notion for hell [sheòl] compared to the Hew Testament’ term – Geheena. The author finds the basis of the term Geheena in the Old Testament’ historical, cultural and linguistic traditions.

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