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Almalech, Mony (2022) Cultural Unit Yellow in the Bible. Lack of Sign is a Sign‎. In: And wings were given to the woman: In honour of professor Svetlina Nikolova. Special ed. Paleobulgarica, vol.46 (4). Cyrillo-Methodian Research Centre, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, pp. 199-205. ISBN 9789549787573

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Kechlibareva, Albena (2013) Georgi Minchev - Аlbena Kechlibareva - Stephan Daltshev - Poems Icons by Pavel Slaviansky. [Video]

Kechlibareva, Albena (2011) Julia Tsenova - Sanscrit songs - Albena Kechlibareva. [Performance]

Kechlibareva, Albena (2011) Prayer for Japan - Albena Kechlibareva sings “Zur Ruh” by Hugo Wolf. [Performance]


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