Развиване на житейски умения и кариерно ориентиране в езиковото обучение

Димитрова-Гюзелева, Светлана (2018) Развиване на житейски умения и кариерно ориентиране в езиковото обучение. In: Сборник в чест на 65-годишнината на проф. Тодор Шопов, дпн. Унив. издателство на СУ "Св. Кл. Охридски", София. (Submitted)

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Preparing young people for their future professional and/or academic career and the challenges of modern life in general is one of the key priorities in the Bulgarian education system and EU education policy. The present paper zooms in on some creative solutions, which allow educators to integrate 21st century skills training and career guidance activities into the foreign language classroom. The activities described have been especially adapted to suit the age, interests and cognitive abilities of young adult learners and university students and extended to provide enough linguistic challenge to be smoothly implemented in foreign language classes so as to transform the affordances of the context into a true learning opportunity for the participants in these activities, both in terms of life skills enhancement and language development.

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