The Process of Reading and the Teaching of Reading Skills to Pupils with Dyslexia

Troeva, Blagovesta (2016) The Process of Reading and the Teaching of Reading Skills to Pupils with Dyslexia. списание Педагогика, 88 (3). pp. 366-386. ISSN 0861-3982

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The paper explores the strategies applied in teaching reading skills
to pupils with the dyslexia. It starts with an analysis of some of the most influential
theories of reading development in languages with an alphabetic orthography
and the implications they have for teaching reading skills. Next, it identifies
the areas of reading acquisition that are most frequently affected in dyslexia,
acknowledging the complex and inhomogeneous nature of this specific learning
difficulty. Drawing on research on reading interventions, the paper discusses the
focus given to structured phonics presented in a rich language environment. It
suggests that comprehension developing activities alongside the development
of phonological skills should not be underestimated. Additional principles
guiding instruction are identified and discussed –multisensory teaching, the
role of context, mixed-ability grouping, reinforcement, overlearning and
metacognition. Taking into account the variations of each learner’s profile,
the author concludes that accommodating the reading instruction to meet each
student’s individual needs is what teachers should aim at in order to secure the
most inclusive learning environment.

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