Eine Existenzerhellung der linguistischen Analyse = Linguistic analysis - the existential philosophy turn

Duridanov, Ludmil (1991) Eine Existenzerhellung der linguistischen Analyse = Linguistic analysis - the existential philosophy turn. In: Betriebslinguistik und Linguistikbetrieb. Akten des 24. Linguistischen Kolloquiums, Universität Bremen, 4. - 6. September 1989. Linguistische Arbeiten, 1 . Max Niemeyer Verlag, Tübingen, pp. 65-70. ISBN 9783484302600

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The following article introduces a new aspect to the critical assessment of modern linguistic theory from a philosophical point of view, developed in depth by the author in a book (1990 - http://eprints.nbu.bg/3502). His intention is to show how linguistic analysis can be enhanced by means of the social interaction model of 'body language' within a multichannel communication system. Its essentials, on the other hand, are to be considered along with the reflections of modern existential philosophy (following Heidegger’s and Jaspers’ position). The final objective here is to “unlock” the basics of modern language philosophy and attune linguist's analytic sensibility in a mobile world.

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