Digital Humanities in the Age of Visual Immediacy

Duridanov, Ludmil (2018) Digital Humanities in the Age of Visual Immediacy. CAx Technologies (6). pp. 27-32. ISSN 1314-9628

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In the last decades a new web based visual language has been developed by young people ‘grown up digital’ who inhabit online spaces as their “first home” and have caused a “resurgence” of older social rituals to communicate. The multidisciplinary Digital Humanities program at New Bulgarian University embraces the challenge to explore the life of social algorithms which determine online migration and mechanisms of perception of crucial parts of daily life cycles both at home and at work. Recently created hybrid processes open various opportunities to navigate in collaboratively created online spaces, where project-based activities turned the DH program into a Creative Lab. Here learning-by-doing under the guidance of experienced lecturers with different background and philosophical reflections on “digitally born” aesthetics and ethics of the world to come go hand in hand, thus generating a “sacred marriage” between the two as a new vision for the future.

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